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SSL Sertificates

Ensure the privacy of your website and customer information

Perfect your website's security.

Provider Certificate Wildcard (Joker) Domain Verification Company Verification Green Bar Insurance (US$) Price
BuyPass Basic SSL None with and without www None None 1,000 $2.99/mo.
RapidSSL Standard Certificate None with and without www None None 10,000 $9.99/mo.
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium None with and without www None None 500,000 $39.99/mo.
GeoTrust True BusinessID None with and without www Yes None 1,250,000 $59.99/mo.
RapidSSL Wildcard Yes with and without www None None 10,000 $89.99/mo.
GeoTrust BusinessID EV None with and without www Yes Yes 1,500,000 $99.99/mo.
GeoTrust QuickSSL Wildcard Yes with and without www None None 500,000 $139.99/mo.
BuyPass SSL is not yet recognized by Firefox as it is a new SSL provider. This is not a problem in the security of your site. Also, the installation and activation of this certificate must be done manually.

Provide full protection with SSL.

SSL Certificates provide users with a secure connection by authenticating your site. The connection is encrypted and up to 99% secure data flow is provided.

SSL certificates are also insurance policies. Some companies may not provide indemnity assurance, but you usually have a guarantee well above the amount you pay. When you have an SSL certificate on your site, any damages you suffer as a result of any third party access are covered.

It is suitable for every website and can be applied to every website. You can earn the trust of search engines while ensuring the security of your site.


The necessary information after the order is sent to you by e-mail with your certificate. If you have received a certificate that requires a document, you will receive an e-mail with a list of required documents.
Post-purchase installation instructions and certificate are sent by email. You can also access this information through our panel. If you want help, we can set it up for free.
Certificates with Wildcard features include unlimited subdomains of your domain name as "". The feature found in Company Verification is that your company / institution information can be viewed by looking at the certificate. The green bar is often used to draw attention to counterfeits on websites that contain sensitive data with financial institutions. The address bar in the browser is painted green and the user can be sure that he is on the right site. A site imitating a bank can obtain an SSL certificate without a document, but it is not possible to get a green bar.
There is no difference between the providers. Each provider is a different company and uses the same or close technologies. You can get a certificate with the same features from two different companies. You will receive the same service from different companies.

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