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In Turkey server hosting (Co-location)

Do you have a server in a different data center or that is not physically hosting? You can start hosting immediately and put your server into service!

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SSL Certificates

Do you sell online? Payment systems require SSL (https: //) connection. You will also insure your site against any damage by the organization that signed your SSL certificate.

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Operating System Licenses

We offer you the licenses that you can use on the server you rent or on your personal computer at the most affordable prices. Remember that any hacking attempts you make, other than entering a license key, on any licensed software will put your system at risk and have legal consequences.

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Virtual Switchboard (PBX)

Let's set up your virtual switchboard for you. Unlike telecom companies, unlimited calls and voice recording are included. You can perform all transactions within the limits of the server.

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Trademark and Patent Services in Turkey

We are ready to assist you from brand research to registration. You can review the packages immediately.

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We look through your eyes while performing the operations you want. We strive to draw results tailored to you. You just sit back ...

Point shot

In order to say "exactly as i want", we do our research carefully and come up with
'point shot' results.


We care about your privacy! We do not share any information you give us with third parties, unless necessary to fulfill your request.

We are constantly improving ourselves to respond to your requests.

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